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The Resort Look


Unique, colorful & upscale. The Resort brings you a slice of paradise without having to step foot outside of your home. Includes items from the Shop such as The Resort Dinner & Salad Plates, Tortoise Flatware, Assorted Color Hiball Glasses, The Resort Tablecloth & Complements.

What’s Included:
-The Resort Dinner Plate
-The Resort Salad Plate
-Tortoise Flatware (3-Piece Set)
-Hiball Glass
-The Resort Napkin
-The Resort Tablecloth
-The Resort Flower Vase (2 for every 6 guests)

Founder’s Note: Is anybody else as obsessed with tortoise flatware as we are right now? We love mixing up our styles, matching different colors & letting our inspiration run wild. This flatware definitely does that!

$20.00 Per Guest


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